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NY Philharmonic + Sara Mearns

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Buried in the NY Times story today about the renovation of Avery Fisher Hall is a mention of Stravinsky performances with a dancer in 2013. After rummaging around on the Philharmonic site, I discovered listings for June 13-18 of Petrushka and the Fairy's Kiss with Sara Mearns (dancer) and Karole Armitage (choreographer/dancer).

Here's the NY Philharmonic listing: http://nyphil.org/about-us/ArtistDetail?artistname=sara-mearns


Here's the NY Times story:


For example the new hall should be able to handle the more theatrical presentations that have been spearheaded by Mr. Gilbert, Mr. VanBesien said, like Ligeti’s “Grand Macabre,” Janacek’s “Cunning Little Vixen” and the concert this coming June of two Stravinsky ballets that includes a dancer.

Perhaps Philharmonic fans knew about this, but I hadn't seen it announced before.

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