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How are Dress Circle seats at ABT?

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Trying not to spend a whole lot, though tempted to get orchestra (row G) seats...There are Dress Circle seats for quite a bit cheaper. Anyone know how these are? I prefer to see expressions/sweat, but I sat on side of orchestra once, and it was terrible and partial view. Will take whole-view over that!

Thanks for any advice.

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Zephyrcat, any spot in the 'regular' rows of the MET's Dress Circle is great; go for Row B if you have a choice. Not so the side boxes (partial views).

Dress Circle is the MET equivalent of the highest tier at the Kennedy Center in DC - so already high up but not outrageously so. Family Circle/Balcony is way-way up, compared to 2nd Tier of Kennedy Center. You'll need really shart eyes, with military binoculars.

Any Dress Circle is better than side or far-back Orchestra...unless you happen to be right on the aisle in side Orch.

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Seating preferences are so individual and depend so much on what you want to see and how good your eyes are. I like to see facial expressions (I'm neutral about sweat) so it's important for me to be up close. So even though first or second row Dress Circle seats are generally considered to be good seats, they're only good if you like to see the panorama of the stage and are willing to forego the facial expressions--or if you've got major binoculars and don't mind using them. For me, anything in Orchestra Center through Row P (except C, D, E and F because the seats aren't raked) and Side through Row P within four seats off the aisle (with same caveat about unraked seats) are infinitely preferable to Dress Circle, even Row A.

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If someone offered me my choice of a Grand Tier or Orchestra seat at the Met, I'd opt for GT every time, but I like being somewhat elevated, so I can see everyone on stage and what they're all doing.

Grand Tier is pretty far from the stage, but as Natalia notes, not terribly high. I depend on my opera glasses from time to time.

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