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unable to post the following reply


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here's what i tried to post, and from which i've now removed ALL quote marks and bolded the parts that were once between quotes:

it's perhaps useful to remember that the opium-induced dream was a latter addition to the action of LA BAYADERE.

for the end of Act 3, sc. 4, entitled The Appearance of the Shade in Solor's room in the rajah's palace, the original 1877 libretto includes no opium; instead, it concludes as Solor falls unconscious on the divan. A dream comes over him and he falls asleep, never ceasing to think about the shade [of Nikiya who has appeared in his room].

The next scene, no. 5, The Kingdom of the Shades concludes with text that says: If you do not betray me,' Nikya continues, 'your spirit shall find rest here, in this kingdom of the shades.

Scene 6 is entitled Solor's awakening. - these libretto translations are taken from Roland John Wiley's A CENTURY OF RUSSIAN BALLET.

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