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Problem Definition:

I want to be able to easily and quickly spot threads that are new or have new content since I was last here.

Background Information:

When I click View New Content, I most often see Sorry, no new content found. Yet, if I go to a thread that I saw earlier--for example, Misty Copeland in the Dancers forum--I view new content that has been added since my last visit.

Moreover, if I go to the main Forums page, I see some forums have a light blue coloring while others have a white coloring.

When I last visited Ballet Alert earlier today, I clicked the link at the bottom of the main Forums page that reads: Mark Read: Forums/Blogs/All.

Can someone, please, provide some guidance as to what I am doing wrong?

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I've never been able to find information about the algorithm they use to determine new content. The hints that I've found suggest it has to do with when it cycles through to see if you have new content. I would have guessed that clicking "View New Content" would force it to check and look for anything between the last check and this, but that has not been my experience.

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