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BRB - Video footage from the Annual Evening of Music and Dance 2012

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The Royal Ballet Sinfonia's annual Evening of Music and Dance took place at the Birmingham Symphony Hall on 17th February. It was a delightful evening. For me, the three special highlights were:

  • Robert Parker and Jenna Roberts performing the reconciliation duet from Two Pigeons
  • Elisha Willis and Iain Mackay performing the swordplay duet between Bathsheba and Troy from Madding Crowd
  • Nao Sakuma and Chi Cao at their virtuoso best in Le Corsaire. I am always full of admiration for the way they can make these party-piece pdd look so spectacular on such a small dancing space. They finished off the evening in spectacular style and brought the house down.

BRB have just posted video footage of the dress rehearsal of Two Pigeons at the Symphony Hall.

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