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A Dancer in Wartime

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Review of a autobiography by Gillian Lynne, Chatto & Windus; (3 Nov 2011)

"One of the most well written autobiographies; descriptive to the point of pithy but with such humour and throughout, the impeccable manners that mark out a dancer. Lynne begins the Prologue with “'o me a dancer’s life is an amalgam of three crucial elements : the Impossible and the Spiritual all wrapped up with a ribbon of Passion.'"


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It does sound good, doesn't it? From the review:

The highlights of Lynne’s career (her name was changed from Jill Pyrke as it was deemed too easy to mis-spell in notices) include winning the RAD Solo Seal with Nimrod from Elgar’s Enigma Variations, coveted roles, praise (and punishing corrections) from ‘Madam’ Ninette de Valois and Frederick Ashton among others, touring to Europe during the war to entertain the battle-weary troops, taking class with Margot Fonteyn, who was helpful and charming and on the brink of greatness; the highlights are many and the stories surrounding them very well told.

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