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rg's Photos-2012

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Through 2006


Rudolf Nureyev and Elizabeth Taylor Dancing at a Party (Added 9 Jan 12)

Natalia Makarova's Wedding to Edward Karkar, with Mikhail Baryshnikov Holding Makarova's Crown (Added 9 Jan 12)

Ludmila Semenyaka and Maris Liepa in Giselle (Added 9 Jan 12)

Bess Truman with ABT Pas de Quatre Cast: Ady Addor, Alicia Alonso, Ruth Ann Koesun and Lupe Serrano (Added 9 Jan 12)

Nora Kaye and Hugh Laing in Romeo and Juliet (Added 9 Jan 12)

Nora Kaye and Hugh Laing as Caroline and Her Lover in Jardin aux lilacs (Added 9 Jan 12)

Hugh Laing as Romeo in Tudor's Romeo and Juliet (Added 9 Jan 12)

David Lichine in Nijinsky's L'Apres-midi d'un faune (Added 17 Jan 12)

Tanaquil LeClercq and Francisco Moncion in Jerome Robbins' Afternoon of a Faun (Added 6 Feb 12)

Five Cupids for Valentine's Day (Added 14 Feb 12)

Ghislaine Thesmar, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Frederic Franklin in Rehearsal for The Prodigal Son (Added 2 Mar 12)

Ghislaine Thesmar as The Siren and Mikhail Baryshnikov as "The Prodigal Son" (Added 3 Mar 12)

Thesmar and Baryshnikov in Rehearsal with (Partial) Corps in The Prodigal Son (Added 3 Mar 12)

Franklin Rehearsing Baryshnikov and Corps in The Prodigal Son (Added 3 Mar 12)

Marie Vernon (Added 9 Mar 12)

Patricia McBride in the Original Costume for Rubies (Added 13 Mar 12)

Ghislaine Thesmar Before NYCB Debut in the 1976 Ravel Festival (Added 13 Mar 12)

Nadia Nerina (Added 27 Mar 12)

Nora Kaye in Fascimile (Added 9 Apr 12)

YAGP Gala Honoring Natalia Makarova (Added 29 Apr 12)

Lucia Chase as Giselle (Added 22 May 12)

Alicia Alonso and What Is Left of Igor Youskevitch in Theme and Variations (Added 3 Jun 12)

Galina Ulanova Publicity Still (Added 10 Jul 12)

Publicity Shot of Mikhail Baryshnikov (Added 16 Jul 12)

Eugene Loring in The Great American Goof (Added 16 Jul 12)

Nijinska and Max Reinhardt (Added 16 Jul 12)

Svetlana Beriosova in Ashton's Casse Noisette (Added 16 July 12)

Melissa Hayden in Bourree Fantasque (Added 16 July 12)

Anna Pavlova (Added 13 Aug 12)

Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins in Diamonds (Added 20 Aug 12)

Suzanne Farrell and Jacques d'Amboise in Diamonds (Added 20 Aug 12)

The Ballet Russe Girls Arrive in NYC on the SS Georgia: Krasovska, Slavenska, Theilande, Markova, Danilova and Toumanova (Added 24 Aug 12)

Emma Livry (Added 4 Sep 12)

Mariia Sergeevna Surovshchikova Petipa in Paris Opera Semiramis (Added 4 Sep 12)

Kay Mazzo and John Prinz, Dances at a Gathering (Added 18 Sep 12)

Yvonne Mounsey (Added 1 Oct 12)

Tamara Toumanova (Left and Center) (Added 11 Oct 12)

Marina Semyonova (Right) (Added 11 Oct 12)

Paul Taylor and 3 Epitaths (Added 31 Oct 12)

Shaun O'Brien as Léandre, Wealthy Suitor to Columbine, in Harlequinade (Added 10 Nov 12)

Violette Verdy in Liebeslieder Walzer (Added 10 Nov 12)

Balanchine's Alma Mater (Added 18 Nov 12)

Alicia Alonso and John Kriza in Don Quixote (Added 23 Nov 12)

Corps Members of the Paris Opera Ballet at the Turn of the 20th Century: "Mmes Hugon, Souplet, and Labatoux" (Added 24 Nov 12)

Lynn Seymour and Donald McLeary in Swan Lake (Added 25 Nov 12)

Marfa Muravyeva in the 1863 Revival of Giselle (Added 4 Dec 12)

From Sadler's Wells Ballet to Royal Ballet (Added 11 Dec 12)

John Kriza in Last Act Pas de Deux from Don Quixote (Added 12 Dec 12)

Inna Borisovna (Izraieleva) Zubkovskaya as Odile (Added 15 Dec 12)

Alla Sizova and Mikhail Baryshnikov in Coppelia (Added 22 Dec 12)

Rudolf Nureyev in Les Sylphides (Added 22 Dec 12)

Mouse Rabbit with Drummer from The Nutcracker (Added 24 Dec 12)

Lew Christensen and Partner in the Pas de Deux from Apollo (Added 27 Dec 12)

Asaf and Sulamith Messerer (Added 27 Dec 12)

Ruthanna Boris, Rita De Laporte, and Louise Fornaca (Added 27 Dec)

Yuri Soloviev for 1964 Tour to Madison Square Garden (Added 27 Dec)

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