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Colorado Ballet: snow policy

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In other forums, I've seen complaints that NYCB and the Kennedy Center never, ever seem to cancel performances due to snow, or allow ticket refunds or trades for later performances. I thought people might be interested in the notice Colorado Ballet just posted for their Nutcracker performance tonight in downtown Denver, where we are having a big, but not debilitating snowstorm:

"We have received several questions about today's performances of "The Nutcracker" and the weather conditions. Unless the City of Denver closes, we will remain open and all performances will go on as scheduled. If you purchased tickets and are unable to make it, you can exchange your tickets for another performance date for $11 per order. If you cannot make it to a different performance of “The ...Nutcracker,” you can exchange the tickets to “Peter Pan” or “Tribute.” You may also donate your tickets back for a tax credit or give your tickets to family and friends in the area. To make any ticket changes, please call 303-339-1637. If you have not purchased a ticket and would like to attend “The Nutcracker” today, please drive, ski or snowshoe in for an $11 ticket!"

This seems consistent with their very aggressive marketing and pricing deals, all of which seem to me good for audience development in a city that doesn't have a substantial, long-standing ballet tradition. I'm actually surprised they are being so generous! The roads are clear and moving, buses and light-rail all seem to be moving along without much problem. The airport is apparently a mess, but I can't imagine all that many people were flying in for this. I suppose people in the outer suburbs would have more trouble getting into town.

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The airport is apparently a mess, but I can't imagine all that many people were flying in for this.

No, but perhaps people who had hoped to get out of town are now staying in, and wondering what to do. I think the $11 tickets are a very smart move -- getting in to see a Nut for the same amount many of us spend for a movie will make this much more available to a wider population.

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