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"Balanchine the Teacher"


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I just came across this title: Balanchine the Teacher: Fundamentals That Shaped the First Generation of New York City Ballet Dancers (2008). The authors are NYCB stalwarts Una Kai and Barbara Walczak. I don't recall any discussion here of it; has anyone read it? The subtitle is compelling. How does it compare to Suki Schorer on Balanchine Technique (2006)?

I'm happy to be directed to an already-existing thread on it (I really did look for one).

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Amazon still has copies of "Balanchine the Teacher."

Just a reminder that our Amazon box is now at the BOTTOM of each page. Ballet Alert gets a small percentage of each purchase made through our link. This helps us remain online.

Bart if you want (or have the power) to change my link so it comes through BA, feel free to do so.

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I have read the book. Unfortunately it was some time ago, and I am currently traveling, and the book is sitting at home on the shelf :(. But I did enjoy the book. It is a much smaller book than Suki Schorer's, and hence does not go into the same sort of detail on each step, etc. As I remember it, it is more of a personal memoir by these two women writing about what they remember of Balanchine's teaching and technique. Definitely worth reading and/or purchasing, IMO.

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