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Daniel Marshalsay Returns to Canada


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I didn't realize that Daniel Marshalsay was leaving Ballet Arizona until I saw this article from today's Links:


He's still listed on the BA website, which isn't surprising since the article says he came to Vancouver on a month's notice, which also explains why there was nothing to be recognized after the last performance along with the other dancers who were leaving.

I'll miss his dancing with the company. There's nothing I've seen of Ballet BC's rep that tempts me to see him here, but it's what interests and inspires him.

On a personal note, the terrace at Scotiabank Dance Centre shown in the photo with the article is just off the 7th floor studio where I took Flamenco class last year. It's got a beautiful view.

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Many dancers have felt the need to expand beyond the ballet repertory. Marshalsay seems to have felt this with more than the ordinary intensity.:

"When I went to Arizona I hadn't done fully classical work," he explains, taking a break in the Ballet B.C. boardroom at the Scotiabank Dance Centre. "I figured I'm young; I might as well get the classical ballet while I still can . It was a good experience, but it wore off, it fizzled—not that I conquered classical ballet, because you can't. It's unending. But classical ballet is so confined and has that exactness—exact positions, exact steps."
I hope his new company provides him with opportunities for satisfaction that eluded him in ballet.
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We'll miss him, but are happy he is going to perform the contemporary, edgy works he loves. The piece he refers to, performed in a mixed bill last spring, was "Offscreen." It was magical, and a great crowd pleaser. We would LOVE more in that vein. Phoenix is more than ready. Are you listening, Ballet Arizona management? Hello? : )

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