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Leningrad Kirov Ballet, THE SLEEPING BEAUTY

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scan of photo submitted to a Chicago newspaper in advance of appearances by the Leningrad Kirov Ballet on its first U.S. tour, no real identifications of dancers.

not exactly a sharp photo but the deep, backbent poses etc. still make the tableau vivid.

at the time, at least on the U.S. tour, Inna Zubkovskaya was a prominent as the Lilac Fairy, tho' i cannot say that this photo documents her performing the role.

post-848-093323100 1314635222_thumb.jpg

post-848-026113100 1314635246_thumb.jpg

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As usual..."Sol Hurok presents...".. :thumbsup

The two captions are very interesting... The "Leningrad Kirov Ballet" hand in hand with "The Leningrad Mariinsky Ballet". I wonder if this was Hurok's marketing idea-(considering that maybe he thought that the American ballet connoisseurs would be attracted by the old name)- or the Soviets', just for the same reason.

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