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I recently purchased the ballet Siddharta (Paris Opera Ballet), mainly because I have interest in Buddhism. It is supposedly a ballet about Siddharta's/Buddha's enlightenment. I have to honestly say that I would not know at all what is going on in the ballet if it were not for the booklet that has a rundown of each scene. If I didn't have the booklet I would be like, "WTF?" throughout every scene. I knew it was going to be sort of like this, but I feel a little more effort in making the story clear should have been made. It is a new ballet, so I expected postmodern aspects (stage, costume, some abstract moments, etc), but this is abstract to the extreme. Half the time you don't know if Siddharta is upset, angry, or happy. You don't even know what the emotions of the characters are.

In most abstract pieces you at least know the feelings that are being conveyed. This seems like a total flop to me, but maybe someone could enlighten me. Has anyone seen it live or seen this dvd? I would love to know what others think! Most of the time I felt, "This is BS!"

I do like some of the modern dancing in it and I think the dancers gave their all, but somehow after seeing the dvd I doubt I would even go to it if given a free ticket and it was playing right across the street!!!!

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