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The LIttle Humpbacked Horse-(Underwater Scene)

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Just as the Mariinsky Ballet is preparing to offer their rendering of the Ratmansky/RadunskyShchedrin's staging, I thought it would be interesting to look at some clips of Burlaka's view of the Imperial production.




Plus a couple of clips from another staging of the old production by the Vaganova students in 1989.

Dance of the Animated Frescoes


Enchanted Isle of the Tsar Maiden


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scans of historic 19th c. photos from the first year(s) of Saint-Leon's LITTLE HUMPBACKED HORSE (to Pugni).

the quartet, as the caption notes, shows: [N.P.]Troitskii [the first Ivanushka], [M.N.] Madaeva [a subsequent Tsar Maiden], [X.P] Iohanson [the first "mutcha"], and [F.I.] Kshesinsky [the first Khan].

the duo: G.[i.] Legat and [M.S.] Granken, the originators of the Lettish? divertissement number (acc'd to another source the two were husband and wife in real life).

since most sources agree that M. N. Muraveyva was the original, in 1864, Tsar-Maiden, and that Madaeva followed her subsequently in '65, this may a photo from 1865.

post-848-020396800 1310346278_thumb.jpg

post-848-037609100 1310346317_thumb.jpg

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