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Suggestions for a Coppelia DVD...?

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I want to introduce my friend to the beautiful world of Coppelia-(as a warming up session for the upcoming MCB production, which will be his very first ever). What would be the most satisfying production currently on DVD...?

Things I usually consider would be a generous use of Delibes score, a charming costume/sets design and some strong technique, particularly during the Grand Pas...

And I KNOW you guys will have some great answers for me...!! :clapping:

So....? :wink:

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I vote for the Australian Ballet DVD with Lisa Pavane and Greg Horsman. It has the things you ask for, except perhaps a great orchestra. The Kultur transfer isn't great--it looked better on VHS--and there are practically no chapter breaks, only one for each act. So if you can get hold of the Faveo (Opus Arte) European release, which is a region-free NTSC disc that will play on all North American DVD players, I'd recommend it: better colour and lots of chapter breaks.


the wheat thing

Swanilda and friends


"Coppelia's" Waltz

Waltz of the Hours, Dawn & Prayer

Brides and Bridegrooms

Pas de Deux



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No more options...?

I think that you would also enjoy the Royal Ballet DVD, filmed in 2000, with Carlos Acosta as Franz and Leanne Benjamin as Swanilda, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. The choreography is by Ninette de Valois.

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