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The former child star is dead at 88. Loved him in 'Treasure Island.'

Like most child stars, Cooper hit a difficult period during adolescence, both professionally and personally. As he entered his teens, other young stars including Roddy McDowall and Freddie Bartholomew took over the tyke roles.

Based on his experiences, Cooper later opposed children growing up as actors. None of his four children went on to perform. The title of his 1981 autobiography, Please Don’t Shoot My Dog, came from Taurog’s threat during the filming of Skippy that he would shoot the boy’s dog because he was not performing adequately.

And no squabbling over the will, kids:

According to the docs, Cooper basically willed everything to his wife -- but because she died before him -- the estate will be divided equally between their children.

And to prevent the kids from a nasty fight over the money -- Cooper wrote in a clause saying if anyone tries to contest the will, "I give to such persons so contesting or objecting the sum of FIVE DOLLARS ($5.00) and no more."

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