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The French School

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I'm afraid I'm a little confused by the terms Academie & Ecole which I assume roughly translate as Academy & School.

As far as I understand:

1661 - Louix XIV established Academie Royale de la Danse in a room at the Louvre and it grew into what we know as the Paris Opera

1713 - Someone (who?) established Ecole de l'Academie as the school of the Paris Opera.

I'm confused... understand that "the academy" has connotations beyond "the school"... but ... wasn't the first Academie also charged with training dancers? Or did it refine somewhat finished products? Was the Ecole started to train children?


And was the Academie dissolved? Or was the history of the Paris Opera vaguely similar to the Ballets Russes where an original entity underwent a regrouping so to speak into Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo?

By the way, there is surprising little about the Paris Opera Ballet on Wikipedia in English.

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Last mention of the Academie Royale came in 1778, when Gaetan Vestris, Maximilien Gardel, Jean Dauberval and Jean-Georges Noverre were members. I must presume that it got cut short about the same time that the French king did.

Bear in mind that both terms can mean either a School of Thought or a building.

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