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Poster blocked without my knowledge

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Cristian, thanks. Since you put this, I don't think they'll mind if I say I am the poster who tried to reach you since Xmas by pm! And it always gave me a pink thing that said 'your message was not sent', so I sent you the brief email to ask you, because I doubted you'd blocked me. The whole PM thing is too confusing. A conversation with you shows 'turn OFF notifications', with another poster it offers 'BLOCK'. I wonder what you get when you try to pm me. Anyway, I tried maybe 8 times to pm you since then, and always this sign came up, so I finally emailed inside the same Ballet Alert page (your profile page, I believe.) But all this was much clearer in the old functionality, although pm's seem to be the main thing that don't. Most of the other features are better, but who knows.

Oh yes, I didn't think to email till now, because it wasn't really urgent, but I also thought it might just be that your mailbox was full, that maybe you'd forgotten to empty it.

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