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"ugly duckling"

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First off, no idea where to post this! it sort of comes under aesthetic issues but sort of doesnt at the same time /:

anyway, i'm 19, i took a few ballet lesson when i was 7 then again at 16, and both times for the same reason.

I was called and taunted as the ugly duckling of ballet.

I have twisted femurs (genetic mutation inherited off my dad), where i have a twist inwards in the middle of my femur, causing my ball joint to sit turned in rather than in the correct position. this means i can't turn my feet out to an "aesthetically pleasing" degree for ballet without bending my legs. from facing forwards, the maximum degree they can turn out whilst i have straight legs its around 30 degrees. also due to this im flat footed, so my arch is non existant. i have full personalised insoles but they're very painful to wear in my shoes.

My dream is to go en pointe, and be half decent at it.

So my question is this, can i do it? is it physically possible for me to look as beautiful dancing ballet both off pointe and en pointe as normal ballet dancers? I'm getting fed up of being called the ugly duckling, but i'm worried that if i start i won't be able to perform half the moves and pointe will be impossible.


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Anna, the reason you found it difficult to post this question to this board is that it's intended for ballet from the point of view of the audience. There's a whole other board, Ballet Talk for Dancers, which treats on ballet from the technical point of view of the student/performer. Go there by clicking the "Ballet Talk for Dancers" link at the top of the page, just under the banner. You have to register separately for that board, but we're related.

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