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Henry Danton

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I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of, or even better seen Henry Danton dance? Presently he is my teacher, but he was once a prominent dancer. He danced with Sadler Wells Ballet, Roland Petit's Ballet de Paris, and Australian National Ballet. He was also artistic director of Ballet Nacional de Venesuela. Lately I have been trying to research his past, but have not been very successful. He is a very modest man and shares some stories with his students--but I was hoping some ballet buffs out there could give me a glimpse into the past of a teacher I dearly treasure. Thanks to all.


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From Peter Noble's book British Ballet (1948):

Henry Danton: born Bedford (England)..made his debut with the Allied Ballet in 1942 in Les Sylphides...from 1943-4 he danced with the International Ballet, partnering Mona Inglesby in Les Sylphides, Lac de Cygnes...he joined Sadler's Wells Ballet in 1944...and Metropolitan Ballet in 1947

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