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Bigonzetti Ballet

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I was going to post on the program I saw (which included After the Rain and Who Cares?), but since you asked, my reaction, in short, is that it's a keeper :thumbsup: . At about 45 minutes, it's a bit too long, and although they do suit the ballet, I don't like the women's costumes (modeled here by Ashley Bouder, whose sassy, new Louise Brooks hair is also on display in this ballet). It is beautifully structured -- the last moments are as effective in tying it together as the ending of The Four Temperaments -- with some fascinatingly inventive moves. I hope it is absorbed into the revolving rep.

Although the dark lighting design is very effective, I wish they'd increase the wattage just a bit. It took a lot of effort to recognize some of the dancers.

As an indicator, I rather liked Bigonzetti's Oltremare, but not In Vento.

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Thanks Carbo, I had seen Ashley's sneak preview on Facebook. She is quite a character. Have known her since she was 14! We think the world of her. Unfortunately, I wont be able to catch the piece this time around. Will have to wait until September. The NY Times wasn't quite as generous as your review.

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I liked the new Bigonzetti. I think it's better than his other works for NYCB. It's too long, but most of the choreography was interesting. I too had difficulty in recognizing dancers because of the dim lighting. I didn't like the costumes, which I felt did not flatter the female dancers.

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