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The documentary, "Rudolf Nureyev - l'attraction Celeste," aired on French tv in January, 2009, will be available on DVD. In the United States, the release date is 4/27/10, according to Amazon.com; and in England on 3/29/10, according to Amazon.co.uk and Europadisc.co.uk.

Friends and colleagues of Rudi will appear; i.e., Charles Jude, Patrice Bart, Ghislane Thesmar, etc. It will be in French, with subtitles.

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One concern is the back of the cover mentions "re-enactments".

There aren't any "re-enactments" as far as I can remember. It's a combination of old footage, interviews and what could be described as stock footage: a train station in Siberia, a boat floating along the Neva, a Parisian airport, London buses, New York taxis, and that sort of thing. As a matter of fact, I don't remember anyone from New York being interviewed, which makes me wonder whether the filmmakers were there at all.

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The DVD is very good, although there wasn't enough footage of Rudi, but it was upbeat and complimentary (with just a few discrepancies). It was great seeing Karen Kain and Charles Jude again. And the best surprise for me - film clips of Rudi dancing La Bayadere with the Kirov - wonderful!

The DVD was in English, which surprised me as I thought it would be subtitles.

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