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False Bridegroom / Chulaki

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A question that came from one of my teachers. Is anyone aware of any video or audio recordings of M. I. Chulaki's False Bridegroom? I believe that this ballet was created in the mid to late 1940s.



The title of the ballet in question has received number of translations.

“The Imaginary Fiancée! with Music by Mikhail Ivanovich Chulaki was staged by Boris Fenster and designed by Tatyana Bruni for the Maly (Mikhailovskii) Theatre in 1946.

It is doubtful that the music was ever recorded or the ballet filmed.

Chulaki wrote the scores for four films and he cobbled together the scores for “The Stone Flower”, and “Ivan the Terrible” both staged by Yuri Grigorovich.

There is only a recording of his Symphony No 2 available as far as I know.

I rmember Mr Chulaki from his visits to London in the 1960;s when he was Director of the Bolshoi Theatre.

See two sketches from”The False Groom” at http://visualrian.com/images?text=Mikhail+...p;section=photo

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Thanks. I had spotted more than one translation, but I don't know the actual Russian title.

I'm now wondering where my teacher would've heard the music. Do you know if this ballet was in the repertoire of Russian/Soviet companies?

I forgot to mention that the ballet was based on Carlo Goldoni’s comedy, “The Servant of Two Masters.” and was first performed on the 23.03.1946 at Leningrad’s Maly Theatre with an extraordinary cast of notable dancers.

It was later staged by the Estonia Ballet in 1954 with Fenster's choreography and apparently was last revived in 1962 by the Vilnius ballet company with choreography by Bronius Kelbauskas.

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