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European Ice skating championships

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The European ice skating championships started today in Tallinn - Estonia. Will not go there myself, so have to be content with what Swedish Television has to offer. And the prospects seem very good actually, the great total of three (of which one is a repeat from the preceding day) programs every day. :)

From what I saw today, the standards seem very high. Today it was pairs, Solkowy - Savchenko (Germany) made my day and they deservedly won.

Tomorrow it is the turn of the guys, and now folks, wait for it :clapping: "Plushy" is back in town (well, back on ice rather). That is something to look forward to! Programing tomorrow as follows: 11.00-12.00 - 16.05-17.55 - 22.45 - 0.00. Very nice of Sw. TV :)

Any of you skating fans gone to Estonia? Helene, how about you?

Anyway, I suppose European stuff will not be televised in the US, maybe on some sports channel of course, but I will try to send updates and reports.

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I'm in Tallinn. The judging so far has been horrific. Savchenko/Szolkowy were by far the best of the night, with Kawaguti/Smirnov having mistakes on the twist (crash on the set-down) and lift (she was out of balance on the landing), yet they are only .2 in front. At the same time, in the Tango Romantica Compulsory Dance, Domnina/Shabalin, who skated slowly, and with very little knee-bend between them, are five points ahead of their nearest competitor.

Part of me doesn't want to go back to the rink today.

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With Helene being at rinkside, we hope to get some first hand reports. I can only convey what I see on TV.

Sorry to hear that they havent got it better organised and that the judging seems weird. Here they havent even said who are on the panel of judges.

Anyway, I have been watching for most of the day. What really interests me is the newcomers, those one hasnt seen before or seen very little of. My own personal favorites were: Michal Brezina, 19, from Brno Czech Republic, he is a new kid on the block and I liked him. Also that Spanish guy, Javier Fernandez has promise. The couple from Perm I liked very much, Bazarova and Larionov. Yuki Kawaguti is cute, I think, but cuteness isnt everything.

Of course I watched my two compatriots with interest, Kristoffer Berntsson and Adrian Schultheiss. No medals, but having seen quite a bit of these two guys, I must say that their skating had matured quite a bit. It will be most interesting to see tomorrow how the Swedish ladies will fare. So far none of them have taken me by storm, but not having seen them for a long time, who knows, there might be some improvement there as well.

Please Helene, a couple of words of your impressions of Tallinn. Living very near I have yet to go there. There are ferry lines from Sweden and they are quite popular with a certain clientele.

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