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POB's "Ballets Russes" in French cinemas, Dec 22 (on TV

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The Dec 22 performance of the "Ballets Russes" quadruple bill (Massine's "Le Tricorne", Fokine's "Petrouchka" and "Le spectre de la Rose" and Nijinsky's "Afternoon of a faun") will be shown

live in about 90 French cinemas (starting at 7:30 PM), and also in a few cinemas in Belgium and Switzerland.

I hope to be able to see it in Lyon (but have no idea whether there still are some available seats...)

That program will also be shown later on the French public TV channel France 3 on Jan 1st.

Edited to add: it seems that it will also be shown in some UK cinemas, e.g.


but I haven't found a complete list yet.

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Well, that was not a lucky evening for me.

It took me one hour to get there by bus and metro, but it was sold out. The lady just before me

managed to get a last minute ticket, and so did the gentleman just after me (in no shortage of chutzpah :wink: ). So I only could get back home under the rain, feeling jealous of the lucky people who were able to see José Martinez, Nicolas Le Riche and others... :smilie_mondieu:

At least it shows that there is indeed an audience for such a program (even though the tickets were quite expensive: 22 euros).

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This program will be shown today (Jan 1) on the French TV, on France 3 at 1:50 PM (French time, so it's in 20 minutes). It will also be shown this night at 3:25 AM (but often the timetables during the nights are not very exact).

I'm definitely not lucky about it: I have a TV problem at home and won't be able to see it :thumbsup::( :(

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I saw a part of it; wanted to tape it first but was too late for that..

I think I even saw it appear on youtube a few days ago, I'll look it up.



Le Spectre de la Rose

Le Tricorne part I

Le Tricorne part II

L'après-midi d'un faune

Thanks !

I guess it probably isn't exactly the same program: the youtube videos include Russian subtitles, so I guess it was shown on a Russian TV channel before it was shown in France (it was not shown in France before Jan 1 on TV, as far as I know).

Finally, my marvellous husband had enabled me to see it online on Jan 1 (not on TV and with a bad quality image, but it was better than nothing), and fortunately a friend of mine could record it for me.

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