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Swedish TV annual ballet evening

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Well, it has been announced and not that I am rolling on the floor with joy, but this was a bit better than previous years. This great event will take place next Saturday.

Half an hour interview with Svetlana Zakharova - will get my DVD going

Netherlands Dans Theater - DVD will take a rest

Ballet Boyz at the Bolshoi - never seen them so naturally curious

New ballet by Mats Ek with Baryshnikov and Ana Laguna - only seen photos of it so it is possible DVD will snooze

"White nights" with Hines and Baryshnikov - seen that before. :(

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Well, Dr. Coppelius - I gather that you werent too pleased with that evening of dance we were treated to so graciously by the Swedish State Television.

As I am no lover of Ek I did not like the pas de deux with Laguna and Baryshnikov - two OAPs doing a stint to make some cash, or what?

That Ballet Boyz stuff was interesting, but not being a fan of Wheeldon either I wasnt rolling on the floor. The outcome of the evening was that I had my DVD going, but in the end I doubt if I will burn any discs. :lol:

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