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The first book was called "The girl with the dragon tattoo". Here there are some problems with the film title - I believe there are different titles in England and the US. However, read the book which I liked, also saw the movie that I liked.

Second book was called "The girl who played with fire" - same title for book and movie. Saw it the other day and if anything it was even better than the first one. I really recommend it :thumbsup: Good acting, swift action, good dialog (at least in Swedish - translators can of course make a mess) and very violent indeed so not for the fainthearted. Couldnt honestly say that there were any tedious drawn out stuff at all. Bergman fans would probably wince at the whole concept, but I must admit that I enjoyed the movie immensely and I will not divulge anything here, but leave it to you to discover for yourselves.

Third book was called "The girl who kicked the hornet's nest" and the movie will have the same title. It will be premiered around Christmas. Looking forward to that!

By the way, the original plan was to only show the first movie in a theater, the remaining two were made for TV only. Seeing that first movie was a real blockbuster, the following two were put on general release. Very good indeed, because such movies need big screens.

Noomi Rapace. the actress (hitherto fairly unknown) is absolutely perfect for the role. Wonder how long she will remain in Sweden - Hollywood will come knocking on her door any day now.

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