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Your Favourite Ballet??

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Around 1955, I wandered off the street in NYC into a place called City Center Theatre. There was a ballet company performing there, the NYCC Ballet. The director was George Balanchine. Principal dancers were Maria Tallchief and Tanaquil La Clercq. I had never seen a ballet or even thought of it previously. The curtain rose on "Concerto Barocco" to the music of Bach's Double Violin Concerto. From that unforgettable moment I was hooked forever into a lifetime of attending ballet performances. There are so many wonderful ballets but Concerto Barocco will always be at the top of my favorites.

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Well, you certainly started out with a winner! You must have many wonderful memories. Why don't you stop by our Welcome Forum and introduce yourself? We'd love to hear a few!

I apologize for taking so long to reply to your post. It took me a while to locate it. From now on, anything you post will be instantly visible to the public, so we'll see you right away.

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Welcome, George, and thank you for that post. Your first Balanchine/NYCB/City Center moment was only 2 years before mine. To come upon Concerto Barocco with a cast like that was a huge bit of luck.

There are a number of us on ballet talk who have memories of the City Center days. (We're part of a Balancine spectrum that covers many decades.) I hope you'll join us and look forward to hearing more of your memories and thoughts about ballet.

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