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Burn the Floor on Broadway

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I went to see this show last week. The show has a cast of 20 dancers, plus a small on stage band and two vocalists. The show covers all different types and styles of ballroom dancing from waltz to swing to all varieties of Latin. The choreography consists primarily of duets, although there are a few group numbers too. Included among the dancers are Karina and Mak from Dancing with the Stars. (They are only in the show until mid-August, but the show runs through mid October.) All of the dancers are very accomplished, but Karina and Mak, in my opinion, were more charismatic than the others. The vocalists were serviceable, but not extraordinary. There are numerous costume changes throughout the show, which is two hours including an intermission. Sometimes the show veers into a cheezy Vegas act (including smoke effects and a disco ball), but overall I enjoyed it. If you like ballroom dancing, you might be interested in checking it out at the Longacre Theater on Broadway.

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Thank you for the review Abatt. :) I thought this had been on Broadway before but I must be thinking about the touring show.

I would definitely go just to see Karina Smirnoff dance live on the stage. Most people know her only from Dancing With The Stars but when she competed with Slavik she was the most phenomenal Latin dancer I've ever seen. It wasn't just her technique (which was impeccable) it was her ability to make you see the music moving through every square inch of her body.

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