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BALLET magazine cover photo

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the cover of this issue of BALLET (dated October, 1949) caught my eye for the 'look' of its dancers.

the pic, by Baron, is uncaptioned, except to identify Michael Somes and Moira Shearer.

i wonder what more can be said about it.

it could be a pose arranged by the dancers and/or the photograher.

or a rehearsal for a particular ballet.

what's somewhat striking is the 'leotard ballet' look (or what's nowadays called in NYC by NYCB as a 'black and white' look).

the 'look' is most often associated with Balanchine's work from the 1950s onward.

i can't see anyone readily associating this pose however w/a Balanchine ballet, per se.

the cut-off black tights are not necessarily the Balanchine way but much about this photo at a glance could be associated w/ Balanchine's world.

i guess it's just a rehearsal or an improvized photo-pose, but maybe some other BT members can offer some info.

(in the meanwhile i'll ask for thoughts from my Ashton-familiar colleagues.)


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rg, I think it's a pose from the second act pas de deux in Ashton's Cinderella - towards the end, just after the 'upside down' lift. If not, it's a very close imitation!

(By the way I happened to notice that in the next issue of the magazine, they apologise for crediting the photo to Baron when it's actually by Hans Wild.)

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