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Mass departure of dancers at Orlando Ballet

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Orlando Ballet is losing a third of its dancers. Some are leaving voluntarily, others are fired.

But unlike many dance companies across the country that are laying off dancers, Orlando Ballet expects to maintain its size of about 30 dancers for next season. Director Hill says he has already hired a new male dancer from Ukraine and moved up two dancers from Orlando Ballet II to the professional company.

"I'm really grateful that all that history is going away," he said, referring to the departing dancers. "It will be a really short time before we have a great new company." Hill favors remounting classics with a contemporary flair; the company's 35th anniversary program in March showcased Hill's neoclassic and pop-influenced choreography to audience acclaim.

Nice quote from Hill. Don't let the door hit you on your way out, etc. At least he seems to have told the dismissed dancers himself.

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