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Daniel Baker's NY Choreographic Institute award ballet --

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Thanks for that info, carbro. I also hope someone attended and can report.

I was really impressed when I followed your link and read the following:

Miami City Ballet has been awarded a Fellowship Initiative Grant from the New York Choreographic Institute, an affiliate of New York City Ballet, to support the development of new choreography in a studio setting.

The choreographer is Daniel Baker who is a dancer with Miami City Ballet. Baker is from Australia and has performed with the Company since 2006. He was recently promoted to Soloist and has choreographed several works for past Miami City Ballet in-studio shows.

Peter Martins, Founder and Artistic Director of the Institute, states: “The Fellowship is meant to help ballet companies to create an environment in which a choreographer can develop ideas without the pressure of a stage production. The Institute is committed to classical choreographers who will be creating works for the future.”

When you consider how young Baker is, the honor (and opportunity) seem huge. Baker's a wonderful and charismatic dancer. He has already been cast in prinicpal-level roles this season. He was, for instance, a the male lead in Paul Taylor's Mercuric Tidings and in the Third Movement of Bourree Fantasque, both with principal Jeanette Delgado.

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I was under the impression that NY Choreographic Inst. was like a laboratory, where choreographers could experiment with no intention of presenting a finished work. However, if someone hits a rich vein and continues along those lines, then I imagine the desire (on the part of all involved) to turn it into a full ballet deserves to be followed through.

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carbro, I'll try to find out more. It's marvellous when companies encourage and showcase creativity among their dancers. We'll have to look to see if there are any reviews. I wonder whether this "replaced" in some way the "Our Show" preformances which MCB dancers traditionally put on at the end of the season. That was usually in June, as I recall.

cristian, we used to be on MCB's press-release list, but I guess have gotten bumped off. I'm in the process of getting this rectified (I hope!) so members can be notified here as soon as we hear of new performances, events, and developments.

For Baker fans (and Alex Wong fans), here's a video clip which, I trust, was NOT included in the performance we all seem to have missed. :(

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