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Si Versailles m'était conté : Claudette Colbert Film

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A friend has been telling me for years how wonderful this film is, wilth Colbert, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Jean-Louis Barrault. Anybody seen it or know how toget a copy? I put under 'Watched Favourites' on eBay for a year (or whatever they call it) and never got a response, thought maybe somebody had taped it. He talked more about ti today, and it sounded like something I'd really like to see to, Louis XIV, etc. I believe Colbert does Mme. de Montespan. Thanks. (surprised it's so hard to find.)

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Patrick...try this link



(wow...what a cast!! )

Cast: Michel Auclair (Jacques Damiens), Jean-Pierre Aumont (Cardinal), Jean-Louis Barrault (Fénelon), Jeanne Boitel (Mme de Sevigné), Gilbert Bokanowski (Louis XVI), Bourvil (Un guide), Gino Cervi (Cagliostro), Jean Chevrier (Turenne), Aimé Clariond (Rivarol), Claudette Colbert (Mme de Montespan), Danièle Delorme (Louison Chabray), Daniel Gélin (Jean Collinet), Fernand Gravey (Molière), Sacha Guitry (Louis XIV), Pierre Larquey (Un guide), Jean Marais (Louis XV), Lana Marconi (Marie-Antoinette), Gaby Morlay (Mme de la Motte), Gisèle Pascal (Louise de la Vallière), Jean-Claude Pascal (Axel de Fersen), Édith Piaf (Une fille du peuple), Gérard Philipe (D'Artagnan), Micheline Presle (Mme de Pompadour), Tino Rossi (Le gondolier), Jean Tissier (Un guide), Charles Vanel (M. de Vergennes), Orson Welles (Benjamin Franklin), Jean Desailly (Marivaux), Brigitte Bardot (Mlle de Rozille)

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Thanks so much, Cristian. I can't believe I was so lazy not to look first, but it wouldn't have happened had I not waited for a year on eBay, and tried everywhere else too. I think it really WAS unavailable when I was trying, in I think 2005 or 2006, to find it. i'm going to see if my friend wants to get it. I agree, it is a cast so impossibly rich, I can think of only a few others, say 'Touch of Evil' and 'Separate Tables' (at least among pre-80s films) that have such an unexpected combination of names. Appreciate your getting me started, and I may look around some more, now that I know it's on DVD by now.

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