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Fundraiser Time

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It's been a while since we had a fundraiser -- Fall 2007-- and we were lucky to follow it with a good 2007 holiday season from amazon.com commissions, as well as with commissions from sales of Ballet Talk for Dancers logo items, but not unexpectedly, the drop in the economy has reduced those revenues significantly since last Fall.

We are launching a joint fundraiser with Ballet Talk for Dancers to pay for our shared software, server, support, and email. Our target is $2200 between the boards, and we hope that if Ballet Talk has been valuable to you, you will support us. In the past we've set a target of $15, but we know times are tight, and truly appreciate any amount.

There are two ways to contribute: by PayPal or by check (written out to me or Victoria Leigh). The PayPal link and mailing details are on this page:


Please write in your user name on your check or on a slip of paper with your check. We'd like to be able to thank you. (PayPal has removed the comments field from the payments screen, but we will have an email address to use to thank you, even if it's different than your board email.)

Thank you!

PS: If you've donated during the year through the option on "My Controls", this does not mean you :lol:

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Many thanks to Ballet Talkers who've responded so far. The rest of this message is not for you :dunno:

Also, people who contribute by purchasing through our amazon.com link are strong supporters of the site, and the rest of this message is not for you, either :)

We're a little less than halfway there. If you're planning to contribute directly, we'd really appreciate it if you'd do so soon, so that we can plan for the next year.

Sadly for our coffers, most of the great video is being broadcast in HD but hasn't been released yet on DVD, book publishing is in the tank, and ballet DVD and book sales traditionally have been our core for amazon earnings. Hopefully some of those Opus Arte productions will make it to hard copy.

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