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Where to go to...?!?!

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It is great to see the cultural activities still occuring in Dade County. All three will be wonderful. Since MCB does have other performances that weekend, you could attend one of those. Cleveland Orchestra is not here very often and New World Symphony performs in Miami quite often. You may not see the program they are doing on 4/3 but you could hear them again at another time. They are all good shows. Put them in a bucket and pick one out! :wink:

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My computer would not access the New "World Symphony site (claiming security qustions), so I don't know what they are doing. I like young orchestras. The Cleveland program is not something I would go out of my way for, despite the equalitiy of the group itself.

But, Christian, you include MCB's Program IV as one of the choices. IS there really a choice?. You HAVE to go to that. Two of the pinnacle Balanchine ballets -- danced superbly -- AND with a strong presence by the Cuban men (you may see Guerra, the 2 Sarabias, AND Quenedit in principal roles on one program). Not to mention a great Jeanette and a transcendant Patricia Delgado. And Kronenberg. And Seay, back on form.

Is there really a doubt for a member of Ballet Talk? :wink::dry::wink::lol:

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