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Long-Awaited Good News for NYCB Internet Ticket Buyers

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I just got the following e-mail from NYCBallet.com:

We are pleased to announce that – beginning today at 10 AM – any single ticket purchases that you make for our upcoming 2009 Spring Season via nycballet.com will be processed with actual seat location assignments.

This new functionality was frequently requested by many of our patrons, and we are delighted to include it as an on-going part of our site*. In order to ensure that your NYCB account is properly set up to purchase tickets online today or at any point in the future,
simply visit us on the web at
and follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Click the black "Create Account" button in the "Become a Registered User" section

  2. Enter the following email address:

  3. Create the password of your choice and complete the entire form

  4. Click the black "Register" button at the bottom of the form

You will then be sent an email that includes a link to verify your account. Upon receiving, click this link and your account will be verified.

After you complete verification, you can access and update your account at any time. This includes customizing your own password and updating your telephone number, home, or email addresses. In addition, you will also be able to see your order history. We hope you find this new functionality a useful addition to nycballet.com, and that you will take a moment today to log-in and browse the upcoming spring season.

Should you have any trouble during this process, please email us at
so that we can help you with any issues that arise. We always welcome your comments and are appreciative of your continued support of the Company. Sincerely, New York City Ballet

*Please Note: subscriptions to our 2009 Spring Season, complete with exciting subscriber benefits, are still available until April 17. However, unlike single ticket purchases, exact seat location(s) will be assigned at the time that the order is processed by our Subscriptions Department.

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I tried to register 3-4 hours ago, but so far have not received the e-mail confirmation, so I have been unable to take advantage of the new system. I suppose I will probably end up purchasing via phone. Still, in principle I am very happy about the change...

(And from your post Carbro I learned where I should send my query about problems with registration and I have now done so.)

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I know it's infra dig to respond to your own comment, but ...

I e-mailed the company regarding my inability to register (they never sent a confirmation e-mail) and NO-ONE has gotten back to me five business days later...I will go ahead and purchase via telephone I guess.

Umm...I don't expect perfection, but really never had these problems on other theater websites including theaters like the Met and Royal Opera House Covent Garden which have the same kinds of issues to address.

Others may be more patient than I.

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