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When Figure Skaters Take on Ballet

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There are many figure skaters who use ballet music -- there is no end to the "Don Q"s, and "Swan Lakes", with periodic revivals of "Giselle" (two back-to-back from Japanese skaters at Skate America this season) and "The Nutcracker", and occasional smatterings of "La Bayadere", "Corsaire" and "Coppelia" -- but apart from hops on toe pick and gestures like one arm in high fifth, another on the hip, very few are trying to translate ballet onto ice.

On one of the figure skating discussion boards, in response to a request for links to great ice dancing performances, a poster suggested Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko's Exhibition Program from 1987, a great exception to the general skating MO:

What I particularly love about this program is how in the "Don Q" "performance" they show the relationship between the classroom steps and the choreography.

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