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atm711, your question made me curious because I've just returned from a fantastic performance of Giselle by something called the "Russian State Theater."

The Amazon description of the video is rather clear, I think, although the translation is both wierd and touching:

Product Description

Ballet Swan Lake Rehearsal in Russian State Theatre of Opera and Ballet leaded by artistic director of the theatre Vaerij Miklin and performed by principals of the theatre Elena Bekshaeva and Artem Mauer.

Valerij Miklin is one of the Russian ballet performers and masters who made world ballet history. He danced duets with Maya Pliceckaja in Russian States theatres in n. Novgorod, Sankt Petersburg and Moscow. He has achieved the highest levels of ballet recognition in Russia.

This video includes rehearsal of PaDeDe, Coda and variation from famous Swan Lake ballet choreographed by Marius Petipa. Valerij Miklin will make comments and corrections while beautiful dancers make their moves just perfect.

The gorgeous performers and classical flow of the rehearsal class makes this video unforgettable as you feel yourself behind the stage in one of the best Russian State Ballet theatre.

Aren't there a number of "State Theaters" in Russia?. For some reason, the company now touring in the USA keeps their origins a Top Secret: as does the company on your dvd. Biographies of the dancers reveal that they have all been trained in Voronezh. On the other hand, I read earlier that this 'State Theater" was from Perm. The performance we saw -- one of the most heart-rending and convincing I've ever seen -- starred Tatiana Frolova (the Company's "Prima Ballerina") as Giselle and (I think) Ekaterina Liubikh (a soloist) as Mirthe. Artistic Director is Lykudmila Sycheva.

None of the participants in the Swan Lake rehearsal tape are listed on this current program. So, where's it from? And why hide the full name of the company?

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Thanks, Bart--I am curious too because a friend of mine is getting us tickets for a performance of Swan Lake in Princeton NJ to see the "Russian National Ballet Theatre" in May...at this point I don't know what Company I will be seeing.

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A quick Google search yielded the following August 2006 English summary of the Russian-language BALET Magazine, which contains a small note -- towards the bottom -- stating that Valery Miklin is the director of the State Ballet Company of MOLDOVA (in the article, "Mordovia"). The note mentioned that Miklin had recently choreographed a version of Swan Lake starring the young dancers of the Moldovan Ballet, Elena Beksheva & Alexei Chumakov. [beksheva is mentioned in the lit for the DVD set.]

The connection with Voronezh: Voronezh, a large SW Russian city by the Don River with a sizeable ballet troupe and academy, is the closest city to Moldova with a major ballet academy...even though a portion of Ukraine stands between Moldova and Russia. So I am guessing that the Voronezh Ballet Academy is a main 'feeder school' for the Moldovan Ballet. I am also guessing that whatever ballet academy exists in Chisinev, the capital of Moldova, may not be able to supply a full staff of dancers to the Moldovan Ballet.

Article in BALET Magazine of July/Aug 2006:


It's great to know that the State Ballet of Moldova -- not Russia -- may be touring the USA. I'd love to see them live. It may be unwise and a tad deceptive, though, to bill themsleves as "State Russian" even though many of their dancers are Russian rather than Moldovan. It's a MOLDOVAN State company that happens to have a lot of Russian dancers.

p.s. there DVDs are only 40 minutes long each, so they are still a bit pricey at $25 each...and it still mifs me that they are subtitled as "workouts." Imagine working out to the Garland Waltz or the White Swan pdd?

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A bit more research -

atm also asked about the "Russian National Ballet Theater" group that will tour many large and small US towns during spring 2009. This appears to be Sergei Radchanko's private, Moscow-based company, which has made the US "regional college circuit" several times in the past. Here is more info:


In this artile, the name of the company is Russian National Ballet Theater.

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