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Flat screen TVs

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Since prices on flat-screen TVs have been coming down lately, I'm (finally) thinking of taking the plunge.

There are a couple of previous discussions on BalletTalk:

from 2005 http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.p...4&hl=plasma

from January 2008: http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.p...2&hl=plasma

However, none of my research and neither of these discussions address my remaining concern: motion blur while watching dance videos. If I understand the Consumer Reports write up on flat screens, LCDs have more problem with blur than plasmas, but something called 120 Hz technology can reduce, though not eliminate, LCD blurring. Apparently plasmas don't blur much, but may be out of my current price range (max $1,500).

Please note that I am not asking for brand recommendations, which would be inappropriate here. I'd just like to know if motion blur is truly that much of a problem on the lower end LCD or plasma screens. If it is, I might decide to wait a while and scrounge up more funds for a higher quality model.

Thanks for any input.


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I've seen the new Blu-ray release of the Ulyana Lopatkina/Danila Korsuntsev performance of Swan Lake on a VIZIO model SV420XVT 42" LCD panel with 120 Hz refresh and the picture quality was spectacular. :thumbsup: There were no motion issues even with the entire corps de ballet moving around, and it's clear enough you can see the details of the crown Lopatkina was wearing as Odette (and even almost see individual hair stubbles on conductor Valery Gergiev's face :wacko: ).

In short, Peggy, if you can afford it definitely get an LCD panel with 120 Hz refresh rate. Any less and especially in very fast motion, you can see unpleasant motion blur and choppiness at times.

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Sacto1654: Thanks very much for your response. Interestingly, the model you mention is at the top of my short list; glad to know it's a winner.

...(and even almost see individual hair stubbles on conductor Valery Gergiev's face :wacko: )

However, that's not much of an inducement :thumbsup:


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Motion blur is not an issue with plasma, and is becoming less of an issue with LCD. For the best picture quality, you should get plasma, but they are heavier, use more power, and have some image burn-in issues (which are really only an issue if you abuse the set). By comparison, LCDs have a narrower viewing angle, worst contrast, and their blacks aren't as black. It's not well-known that LCDs also have image burn-in issues, BTW.

You should be able to find plenty of sets under your price. If you're looking at plasmas, Panasonics are the best value in terms of the picture quality you get for the money paid. The absolute best picture quality comes from Pioneer, but they are pricey.


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Actually, you might not be able to get a plasma display within a few years. The possibility of more stringent power consumption requirements for consumer electronics may end sales of plasma displays, given the fact plasma displays use sometimes more power than a CRT display! :wacko:

The VIZIO display I mentioned is a great deal--comparable displays from Samsung, Sony, etc. are much more expensive, sometimes as much as US$700 more.

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but something called 120 Hz technology can reduce, though not eliminate, LCD blurring.

Be careful here. There are 2 kinds of 120 Hz processing. One can make a big difference, the other is pretty much just marketing hype.

The "marketing" 120 Hz rate is usually called "refresh rate" and will make some difference. The "real" 120 Hz is usually called "processing", and if you actually get this "real deal" variety, it can truly make a difference on blur. (More can be found on the internet of course).

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