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Okay... this is not technically a ballet question, and maybe it really belongs on the sister site, but I thought perhaps one of the dance history buffs who haunt/enrich this forum might have some clues for me...

I believe in dance history class, I was once lectured that Histrionics were a codified set of gestures for 19th century actors... and think I was shown some slides depicting the histrionic gesture for say "wrath", "despair"... or some such thing...

Now I'd like to find a book on the topic, but googling seems to only bring up the now dominant "over-acting" meaning of the word "histrionics" or alternatively discussions of some sort of pychological histrionic disorder.

Any suggestions of keyword combinations that might help pull something up? Or better yet a book title?

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A considerable bit of further prying of the internet, and I think what I'm looking for is a manual of Delsarte gestures... (which I now have some leads on)..

Thought I'd respond to my own post, in case anyone was following this thread.

Wikipedia on Delsarte: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fran%C3%A7ois_Delsarte

I think I remember poses from Ivan Nagy's staging of Giselle that almost quote some of the illustrations at the bottom of the page... particularly the "mourning" one... but I'm not sure.


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