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Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami Season Finale.

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CCBM dancers must be celebrating right now. They just delivered an amazing performance to a sold out house. Tonight they gave miamians a true season finale with a baseball stadium feeling, Havana style. Here, tonight's program:

Part I

Bayadere Act II (Kingdom of the Shades)(Petipa/Minkus)

Nikiya: Jordan Elizabeth Long

Solor: Miguel Angel Blanco

Three Shades: Kaleena Burks, Grace-Anne Powers, Casey Vaughan


Part II

Le Spectre de la Rose. (Fokine/Von Weber)

The Girl: Kate Kadow.

The Rose: Carlos Quenedit

Carnival in Venice-(aka Satanella/Fascination) PDD. Petipa/Pugni

Satanella: Adiarys Almeida

Alvaro:Joseph Gatti

Dying Swan. (Fokine/Saint-Saens)

The Swan: Emily Spencer.

Sleeping Beauty PDD. (Petipa/Tchaikovsky)

Aurora: Hayna Gutierrez

Desire: Miguel Angel Blanco

La Viviandere (Pas de Six) (Saint-Leon/Pugni)

Kathi: Kaleena Burks

Hans: Gleidson Vasconcelos

with: Jordan Elizabeth Long, Vilma Machin, Samantha Powers, Emily Spencer

Don Quixote PDD (Petipa/Minkus)

Kitri: Adiarys Almeida

Basilio: Taras Domitro.

Ok, first things first. My deep respect and appreciation to:

Pedro Pablo Pena. For being the driving force (artistic director) behind the CCBM and giving us this kind of performances.

Magaly Suarez. For dedicating her life and efforts to her dancers. No wonder she is simply known as "Mamicha" (like "mommy" )

I'll get over briefly through the whole performance in a second post. Right now i want to highlight two of the performances:

Sleeping Beauty PDD. Here we had my new favorite couple, new SFB's acquisitions Hayna Gutierrez and Miguel Angel Blanco.

Hayna: Steel technique (those endless balances...! :wub: ) radiant figure, old ballet Russes aura. Did i already mention that besides being an outstanding ballerina, she is a lovely young lady...?.Miguel Angel Blanco was the perfect example of how important is to learn how to become a great partenaire along the way. Hayna never looked more comfortable while being maneuvered. The lifts were impeccable. And the three fish dives were WONDERFUL, her body totally arched, almost doing a full circle. (I'm glad they did them, as a friend told me that it was considered to use the "new old" SB choreography where they rather do either a supported fall in sous-sus or a quick turn into arabesque)

Don Quijote PDD. Wow, and i mean WOW!...Adiarys Almeida and Taras Domitro were FIRE. Honestly, tonight she stole the show...it was HER night. Her Kitri was vivacious, quick, playing the love game in a way i hadn't seen in a long time. Her variation exuded sensuality and Spanish flavor, and her fouettes, with a minimum traveling, were nailed in between triple pirouettes all the way to the end, while using her fan in a non stopping motion...Impressive. Domitro worked his variation like there was no tomorrow, tours en l'air with an incredible speed, pirouettes that left the audience gasping. The guy was a speeding madness!

Guys, you rocked tonight! :clapping:

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CCBM dancers must be celebrating right now. They just delivered an amazing performance to a sold out house. Tonight they gave miamians a true season finale with a baseball stadium feeling, Havana style.

You are right. I went with my son ( :wub:) and was amazed of how excited the audience (basically spanish-spoken) gets. The final dance from Sleeping Beauty was beautiful.

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I had a chance of viewing some of the videos of the CCBM in youtube.Of course, the Cuban dancers lived up to thier reputations but the big surprise(at least to me) are the performances of 2 Americanas ( GA Powers and Jordan E Long). I thought they vwere terrific. I don't know anything about them. Are they regular members of the company?

I'm glad you enjoyed the clips. Yes, both Powers and Long are regular members of the Company. I was also very nicely surprised by Powers performance on the Corsaire PDD replacing an injured Gutierrez. There's a whole thread dedicated to her. Here it is.


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