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UK ballettalk members will be able to note the dates, etc. but the BBC telecast ashton's DAPHINS & C. (w/ Cojocaru and Bonelli) in it's program honoring his centenary. so far as i can tell, however, there are no announced plans for releasing the telecast as a commercial video.

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My hope is that some very nice fan will capture portions of it for viewing on (dare I say it) on Youtube. It's quite a treasure trove of foreign television captures. There's a very nice person, for example, who very helpfully put up a complete, recent recording of Symphonic Variations.


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A reminder to very nice people.

There's still a lawsuit pending against YouTube from VAI and others about copyright violations of protected materials. The suit has not attracted the number of co-plaintiffs that the originator had hoped, but the list of co-defendants could very likely increase exponentially.

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This is my first post on this site, and my ballet knowledge is that of a complete novice/tyro, so be gentle with me!


Some years ago (probably 1984-86) I turned on my TV set one afternoon to watch a programme which I found had been cancelled, and in its place found a ballet performance of Ravel's Daphnis and Chloe. I cannot be certain after thirty years, but I think it was in black and white. What I can remember is that the bachannale was quite explicitly erotic, and to a non-balletomane the performance and choreography was spectacular. Could anyone suggest who and what I saw, and has this ever been available on VHS or DVD?

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