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Boston Ballet Executive Director, Valerie Wilder, departs


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I have just read the article from yesterday's National Post (a Canadian news daily):


It was posted here on links, but I didn't see any comments about it. Sounds like there may be some financial difficulties in Boston?

The other news, almost tucked away at the end of the article, is regarding the National Ballet of Canada's beloved Guillaume Cote. (whispering that he may leave NBOC to be a freelance artist) :)

Sorry, it's really two bits of news in one, but it was all in the one article!

Anyone else read this?


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Economics seems to be playing a sad but major role here, as with the recent Ballet Florida story:

Its historic managerial ructions, however, are well known. Wilder admits friends cautioned her about taking a job with the debt-ridden troupe. "They told me the board is famous for eating its young." Wilder concedes that her attempts to stabilize the company financially proved frustrating, particularly when its crucially lucrative Nutcracker was ejected from its regular 3,600-seat venue. "We lost $4-million in one year."

Boston Ballet's accumulated deficit is now US$7-million on an annual operating budget, including its school, of US$25-million. "You have to decide how long you want to beat your head against a wall," says Wilder. Still, she insists she has no regrets. "I feel good about what I did here."

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