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ok so i'm a dancer and i'm kinda confused. so i'm pretty short and not very comfortable with my body. i love dance but just looking at my reflection isn't that great.

so i guess my question is how do you lose weight heathly fast. because what i've been doing isn't that healthy.

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Hi, dacer4ever.

You have registered at BalletTalk, a discussion board for the audience. Your post about diet is beyond the scope of our board. I think you intended to register at our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers http://dancers.invisionzone.com . There you will find special forums for teens and a forum devoted to nutritional issues. And I'm sure you'll find many topics that will keep you interested.

You registered here as "dacer4ever". Here's a wild guess, but did you mean "dancer4ever"? :angel_not: . I will be happy to change your screen name -- unless, of course, it is the way you want it. Members cannot change their own screen names.

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