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Virginia Brooks dance films on dvd

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FYI: i have learned from Virginia Brooks - whose recent documentary about Felia Doubrovska was shown at Dance On Camera, 2008 - that she has a site where one might reach her regarding purchase of dvds of some of her films, namely FELIA DOUBROVSKA REMEMBERED and THE NUTCRACKER FAMILY (her recent releases).

here's how she put the contact in a recent email:

<<anyone who is interested can send me a message at virginia@brooksdancefilms.com>>

the site address is as follows:


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when i inquired about the following film by Brooks, given below in the NYPL listing:

School of American Ballet 1973. 43 min. b&w.

Filmed by Virginia Brooks in the spring of 1972. Sound: Anthony Zaza. Executive producer: Julian Hochberg.

Summary: Documentary on the School of American Ballet, New York City. Faculty and students are seen in various classes and in rehearsal. Introduced by Eugenie Ouroussow, executive director, and Natalie Molostwoff, associate director. The teachers who appear are: Alexandra Danilova, Felia Doubrovska, Muriel Stuart, Helene Dudin, Antonina Tumkovsky, Elise Reiman, Stanley Williams (teaching the men's class) and Helgi Tomasson (teaching adagio class). George Balanchine and Madame Danilova are seen conducting a rehearsal for the advanced students' workshop performance of Swan lake, Act I. Fernando Bujones appears both in class and in rehearsal for his graduation performance. Includes excerpts from the workshop performance, May 24, 1972, of Swan lake, Act I, staged by Alexandra Danilova. Soloists were Connie Rosenberg, Jann Mari Trambert, and Fernando Bujones

she replied as follows:

I haven't listed the original SAB at www.brooksdancefilms.com since I am in the process of updating it for the 75th anniversary but I suppose if someone were really anxious they could have a copy with the caveat that another edition is on the way.

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Yes -- allegra Kent's recollections of Doubrovska are real revelations.

The film has fascinating reminiscences by Kent, Tallchief, and Taras, but I especially love hearing Tanaquil LeClerq's deep patrician voice as she describes Doubrovska as "very chic, very elegant, and what I would like to look like." We don't see her speaking, but her voice plays against a beautiful photo of her holding a flower bouquet.

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