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A Belated Hello


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Well, I guess my 13th post had better introduce myself! I am a former intensive dance student, and I grew up in Vancouver attending one of our small RAD ballet schools. We have a few that are really very good and graduate a number of professionals, in addition to our bigger schools. Some of the dancers go on to schools like the Goh in Vancouver or elsewhere, but some, like me, just supplement a lot, taking extra classes, summer intensives, adult drop-ins, master classes, spring seminars, festivals, etc., etc.. It was a great way to grow up and I met a lot of people I still keep in touch with who are still dancing around the world (love the internet). I eventually went to university instead of continuing dance, but it doesn't leave the system easily. With less time to do drop in adult classes, I am trying to find more time to be an audience.

The main reason I started reading this board was to try to find some news on other Canadian companies or companies that pass through Vancouver, or close, but I don't think you review the ones that small, is that correct? I don't get to see as much as I would like and was thinking of going to the island for Atlantic Ballet Theatre in April, or perhaps going over and having a look at Canadian Pacific Ballet - but it would be nice to hear from someone who had seen either. (I have also really enjoyed reading about a number of people I grew up with or watched grow up that are reviewed on this board - sort of news from home - in reverse! :) )

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Reviews of professional ballet companies -- large, medium, and small, from all over the world -- are always welcome on Ballet Talk, in addition to reviews of student performances by the Professional Divisions associated with professional ballet companies, and school "Nutcracker" performances where professional dancers guest.

We don't have a lot of members in the Pacific Northwest, regardless of country. We'd always love some more, and we'd love to hear from people who've seen the new and smaller companies in the region. You may have to break ground on Goh Ballet and Canadian Pacific Ballet and tell us about them :)

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