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rg's Photos-2008

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Marie Jeanne, Publicity Shot for NYCB Tour of San Francisco (Added 3 Jan 08)

Galina Ulanov, Curtain Call in Florence, 1957 (Added 7 Jan 08)

"The Nutcracker" (1892) Costume Sketch of Hoop/Trepak Dancer by Vsevolozhsky (Added 14 Jan 07)

"The Nutcracker" (1892) Costume Sketch of "Waltz of the Flowers" Couple by Vsevolozhsky (Added 14 Jan 07)

"The Nutcracker" (1892) Costume Sketch of Merlitons Dancer by Vsevolozhsky (Added 14 Jan 07)

Jacques d'Amboise in "Filling Station" (Added 8 Feb 08)

Tatiana Toumanova and Igor Youskevitch in Fedorova-Fokine's "The Magic Swan" (Added 8 Feb 08)

"Symphonic Variations" (Added 17 Feb 08)

Natalia Bessmertnova as Giselle (Added 19 February 08)

Richard Reed, Eugene Loring, and David Nillo in Billy the Kid (Added 14 Mar 08)

Daphne Vane (Added 15 Mar 08)

Emma Vladimirovna Minchenok (Bregvadze) in The Bird and The Hunter (Added 15 Mar 08)

Tamara Toumanova as Odile (Added 17 Mar 08)

Olga Nikolaevna Moiseyeva as Odile (Added 22 Mar 08)

Publicity Photo of Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin as the Firebird and Tsarevich (Added 22 Mar 08)

Alexander Grant as Peter Rabbit in the Film of Frederick Ashton's The Tales of Beatrix Potter (Added 22 Mar 08)

Ruthana Boris is Les Sylphides (Added 21 Apr 08)

Alicia and Fernando Alonso in Waltz Academy (Added 28 Apr 08)

Stage Photo of Waltz Academy (Added 28 Apr 08)

Patricia Miller in Trumpet Concerto (Added 10 May 08)

A Still from the Film La Morte du Cygne with Janine Charrat and Yvette Chauvire (Added 11 May 08)

Viktor Aleksandrovich. Semyonov as Blue Bird (Added 12 May 08)

Studio Photo of Tamara Toumanova as Kitri (Added 18 May 08)

Liane Dayde, Founder of Le Grand Ballet classique de France (Added 25 May 08)

Ulanova in Rehearsal on Set for Lavrosky's Romeo and Juliet (Added 2 Jun 08)

Adolph Bolm and Corps in (Mostly) Street Dress (Added 10 Jun 08)

Adeline Genee and An Unidentified Man in Coppelia (Added 19 Jun 08)

Emperor Alexander II and Empress Maria, after Whom the Mariinsky Theatre Was Named (Added 20 Jun 08)

Toumanova, Youskevitch, and Misidentified Dancer (?) in The Magic Swan (Added 20 Jun 08)

Alicia Alonso and Igor Youskevitch in Giselle Act I (Added 22 Jun 08)

Igor Youskevitch and Diana Adams in Helen of Troy (Added 22 Jun 08)

Igor Youskevitch and Nora Kaye in The Magic Swan (Black Swan Pas de Deux) (Added 23 Jun 08)

Igor Youskevitch and Lubov Roudenko (Added 24 Jun 08)

Detail of Feet in Youskevitch/Roudenko Photo (Added 24 Jun 08)

Igor Yousevitch and Alicia Markova in Giselle Act II (Added 27 Jun 08)

Diana Adams as Sugar Plum Fairy in Balanchine's Nutcracker (Added 18 Jul 08)

Maria Tallchief and Nicholas Magellanes in Balanchine's Nutcracker (Added 18 Jul 08)

Diana Adams (Added 22 Jul 08)

Soviet Kirov Sleeping Beauty (Added 22 Jul 08)

Sergei Golovine as Albrecht (Added 26 Jul 08)

Elise Reiman and Dmitri Romanoff (Added 26 Jul 08)

Catherine Littlefield (Headshot) (Added 27 Jul 08)

Elise Reiman (Added 27 Jul 08)

Baryshnikov's as Albrecht in Giselle on the 34th Anniversary of His US Debut (Added 27 Jul 08)

Caption to Reiman Photo "In the Ballet La Traviata" (Added 28 Jul 08)

Edward Villella and Rebecca Wright (Added 31 Jul 08)

Harlequin from "CBS Festival of the Lively Arts for Young People" (Added 31 Jul 08)

Edward Villella with Mike Douglas, Herschel Bernardi, and Joey Bishop on "The Mike Douglas Show" (Added 31 Jul 08)

Helpmann, Tcherina, and the Corps in The Red Shoes, 60 This Year (Added 6 Aug 08)

Moira Shearer with Robert Helpman in Les Sylphides from The Red Shoes (Added 8 Aug 08)

M.A. Pomerantseva as a Shade in La Bayadere (Added 12 Aug 08)

Mordkin, "Dance with a Bow" (Added 17 Aug 08)

Tatiana Riabouchinskaya and David Lichine As the Models for Animation in the Disney Film Make Mine Music (Added 20 Aug 08)

Explanation of The Photo, Above (Added 21 Aug 08)

Costume Sketch for The Stripper in Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Created by Irene Sharoff for Suzanne Farrell (Added 21 Aug 08)

ID for the Photo Above (Added 22 Aug 08)

Hans Brenaa, Margot Lander, and Svend Erik Jensen in Etudes (Added 22 Aug 08)

On Your Toes 25-Yard Race on Point (Added 22 Aug 08)

List of Participants and Winning Time for Photo Above (Added 23 Aug 08)

Joan Vickers and Carolyn George in San Francisco Ballet Fundraising Photo (Added 25 Aug 08)

Caption for Photo, Above (Added 26 Aug 08)

Ballet in The Phantom of the Opera, Choreography Credited to Ernest Belcher (Added 29 Aug 08)

Vera Zorina and William Dollar in Rehearsal for Balanchine's "Romeo and Juliet" for Goldwin Follies (Added 1 Sep 08)

Balanchine's The Card Party: Ballet in Three Deals (Added 2 Sep 08)

Group Photo, Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in Poker Game (Added 3 Sep 08)

George Skibine and Alicia Markova in Bluebeard (Added 4 Sep 08)

Suzanne Farrell, at Home with Bottom (Added 4 Sep 08)

Irina Baronova and Dimitri Romanov in La Fille Mal Gardee (Added 4 Sep 08)

Alicia Markova and Igor Youskevitch (Added 5 Sep 08)

Suzanne Farrell and Jacques d'Amboise in Swan Lake (Added 5 Sep 08)

Suzanne Farrell and Conrad Ludlow in Symphony in C (Added 5 Sep 08)

Nadezhda Pavlova in The Blue Bird (Added 5 Sep 08)

Nadezhda Pavlova in The Blue Bird (2) (Added 6 Sep 08)

Nadezhda Pavlova and V. Gordeyev in Curtain Call after Legend in Love (Added 6 Sep 08)

"Fire" and "Water" from Moscow Art Theater Production of Maeterlinck's The Blue Bird (Added 6 Sep 08)

"Fairy" (Before Transformation) and "Hare" from Moscow Art Theater Production of Maeterlinck's The Blue Bird (Added 6 Sep 08)

Adolph Bolm (Added 7 Sep 08)

Hugh Laing in Antony Tudor's Romeo and Juliet (Added 8 Sep 08)

Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in Serenade: Lubov Rostova, Milada Mladova, Katia Geleznova, and Igor Youskevitch (Added 9 Sep 08)

Paris Opera House on Rue Pelletier (Added 13 Sep 08)

Close-up of Stage at Paris Opera House on Rue Pelletier (Added 13 Sep 08)

Nora Kaye as Caroline and Antony Tudor as The Man She Must Marry in Jardin aux Lilac (Added 19 Sep 08)

Serenade, Last Movement, from an American Ballet Souvenir Program (Added 19 Sep 08)

Nadia Nerina, as Lise in La Fille Mal Gardee (Added 7 Oct 08)

Nora Kaye as Hagar in Pillar of Fire (Added 10 Nov 08)

Irina Baranova as Lysette (Lise) in La Fille Mal Gardee (Added 11 Nov 08)

Ellen Price de Plane (Added 21 Nov 08)

Album Cover for Commercial Tap of "Appalachian Spring" (Added 22 Nov 08)

Portrait of Serge Diaghilev by Constantin Korovine (Added 14 Dec 08)

Alexandra Danilova, Frederic Franklin and Nikita Talin in The Bells (Added 21 Dec 08)

Suzanne Farrell and George Balanchine in Don Quixote (Added 21 Dec 08)

Konstantin Akesandrovich Varlamov as "Grandfather Frost" in The Snow Maiden (Added 23 Dec 08)

Andre Eglevsky and Tamara Toumanova in Labyrinth (Added 26 Dec 08)

John Kriza as the Green Skater in The Skaters (Les Patineurs) (Added 29 Dec 08)

4 Nov 1949 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo Nutcracker Program, with Mary Ellen Moylan and Snow Queen and Sugar Plum Fairy (Added 29 Dec 09)

New Year's Greetings Postcard from the Soviet Union (1982) (Added 31 Dec 08)

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