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Sandy, could you post the title of the documentary, so others may search their local listings? Is it part of the American Masters series?

Sure. It's called "Maria TallChief: America's First Prima Ballerina"

It is not part of any series that I am aware of; rather it is a new independent documentary that has been briefly discussed on BalletTalk before:


Here is a short blurb about this film from Wikipedia:

"A one hour documentary titled Maria Tallchief was completed in November of 2007 by Sandy and Yasu Osawa of Upstream Productions in Seattle, Washington. The documentary will air on PBS stations at various times from 2007-2010. The film features 180 archival photos including some from Ms. Tallchief's personal collection covering the time period of her marriage to George Balanchine and her early years growing up in Fairfax, Oklahoma. In addition, clips from her performances include Swan Lake, Pas de Dix, Le Baiser de la Fée, The Nutcracker, The Firebird and The Black Swan."

Later edit: OOPS...maybe I should have simply added this info to the existing thread instead of creating a new one.

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I believe the documentary was made through ITVS--The Independent Television Service, which facilitates & distributes independent productions on PBS. The other PBS program (besides "American Masters") which could be airing it is "Independent Lens". Check you local listings because NOT all PBS stations are required to buy the national schedule, and so can put many programs when and where they choose. And now that it is Pledge season again, the schedule will be even more haphazard. As it is, I've already missed that Charlie Rose broadcast re: Nureyev because of this--despite watching CR nightly for weeks hoping to catch it.

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In my PBS station schedule (that I get as a member), the documentary is listed as a wholly separate offering. It is not part of "Independent Lens" or any other series. Perhaps that is unique to Seattle since the film makers make Seattle their base, but I sort of doubt it.

Yes, sometimes programs are offered to PBS as individual programs purchased/distributed through APTVS--a sort of PBS subsidiary service for individual or very limited series.

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