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Vaganova vs Balanchine?

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Well, that is a loaded question! :thumbsup: Are you discussing the people or the differences in the training methodolgies? If it is method (actually the Balanchine style is not a method of training, but a style of dancing) may I suggest you post your question on the sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers. You may click on the link above. :thumbsup:

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your question is broad and some might say brusque.

i assume you mean VAGANOVA VS BALANCHINE as pedagogues. both were also choreographers, tho' the former was better known as a teacher an the latter as choreographer.

have you looked at the International Encyclopedia of Dance? (or i suppose even google?)

there are numerous books about each.

THE CLASSIC BALLET is a start to note some of balanchine's theories about ballet schooling.

BASIC PRINCIPLES OF CLASSICAL BALLET by vaganova will tell you how she views ballet technique.

you could read these, even if only the introductions, to get a sense of each one's personal philosophy.

other BT members might care to offer their view of the two teachers' views, but these will of necessity be personal and perhaps partisan.

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