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Maurice Bejart Tribute to Gianni Versace

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In the 24 September issue of The New Yorker -- the fashion issue -- there was a profile of Donatella Versace, which gives a partial description of the tribute by Bejart to her late brother, which Ms. Versace produced at La Scala this past summer:

The ballet, called "Grazie, Gianni, con Amore," featured his costumes for previous Bejart ballets, interspersed with some new ones by Donatella...

Bejart leaned against a barre on the right side of the s age, under an enormous black-and-white portrait of Gianni that was suspended by cables from the ceiling. "Bonsoir, Gianni, bonsoir, he called plaintively into a microphone. "Gianni, nous dansons pour toi ce soir." The portrait disappeared into the dark.

The first number was an excerpt from a piece that Bejart and Gianni had worked on together. A corps of male dancers, dressed in nude bodysuits, twirled female dancers wearing Gianni's designs from different eras. Then, the sound of a gunshot rang out, and a dancer in a red leather motorcycle jacket made an anguished cry. The opening chors of a Queen song blared: "I was born to love you with every single beat of my heart."

At the end of the performance, Gianni's picture again descended from the rafters, and Bejart yelled, "Merci, gianni, merci! Je danserai pour toi!"

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