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Michael Anderson


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I tried correcting the link......


Here is the article anyways.... just in case...

Michael Anderson is the new associate director of the Michigan Ballet Theatre.

Dancer returns to his Rochester Hills roots

He's named MBT associate director

August 19, 2007



Earlier this month, the Michigan Ballet Theatre (MBT) announced Michael Anderson -- a former student of the Rochester School of Dance -- had been named associate director.

His return to Michigan is a punctuation mark to a storied career in dance that has taken him all over the United States, to South America and to Asia. He spent 13 years performing with the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City before retiring in 2005.

For Anderson, it all started at the Rochester School of Dance, where he trained from 1989 to 1992 under Cornelia Sampson, who is now the artistic director of MBT, which is based in Rochester Hills.

Anderson, who lives in Rochester Hills, says he hopes MBT's increased presence will encourage local dancers to stay and perform in the metro area instead of going onto bigger markets in New York or Chicago.

QUESTION: Why ballet?

ANSWER: I fought it for my first semester at school (Southern Utah University) and I finally took a ballet class and found it was for me. It was difficult, musical, athletic and it just kind of combined everything I was looking for. To me, it was the strength and the power and the grace and the beauty all kind of wrapped into one.

. . . .

Q: Finish this sentence: If it weren't for ballet, I'd be...

A: Snow skiing. I grew up loving skiing. It was one thing I kind of had to put on the back burner ... when I was dancing professionally, it was high risk.

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